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Mouth Guards

PROFESSIONAL FIT & High quality materials

Custom Mouth Guards

There’s a thrill that appeals to sport lovers, but mishaps can be devastating. The risk of contact to the face and teeth when playing sport is an ever-present danger. An injury can result in a loss of one or more teeth, broken or chipped teeth, jaw fractures or injuries to the soft tissue of the mouth. Dental trauma can also include damage to the gums and lips.
To minimise this risk, it’s a good idea to wear a professionally fitted mouth guard.

All our mouthguard’s are designed specific to the sport, age and weight of the wearer.  Each guard will have multi-layer lamination (maximum force distribution), positive bight contacts (jaw support), extremely accurate tooth and gum adaption (comfort, fit & retention), and high quality EVA materials (flexibility). In this way we aim for the player to forget they are wearing the guard so they can get on with the game.

Premium Brands & High quality materials

high Quality products & the latest technologies.

We stand behind our products. By using the highest quality materials and the latest technology, we are proud of every custom prosthesis we create. Every denture, partial denture & mouth guard is handcrafted specifically for you.