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Enjoy Eating With Dentures – The Secret

Enjoy Eating With Dentures – The Secret

You have probably been told;

“Chew your food on both sides at the same time to give the denture stability, prevent rocking and ensure the denture stays comfortably supported by your gums.”

Unfortunately, it is not possible to chew one piece of food on both sides of your mouth at the same time!  It is however,  easy to achieve with multiple pieces of food such as mince or beans, but how do you chew on both sides if you are eating a single piece of food that you cut off from a larger item (such as a steak or vegetable)?

Below is a simple approach to help you utilise your new dentures to their full potential and enable you to enjoy a wider range of foods. This technique is the secret to denture success for the wearer.



Cut a small piece from the larger food item.


     Place the knife between the fork tines and cut the item into two pieces.

Place the knife between the fork tines and cut the item into two pieces.


Now place the food into your mouth. 


When you place the fork to your mouth, the lips will remove the food from the fork and the tongue will direct one piece to either side of the mouth. You can now chew on both sides to support your dentures.  Chew slowly at first until you learn to chew effectively while preventing your denture from dislodging.  This information seems very simple, but it really is a very important key to success for the denture wearer.  We hope this article has been a help for those visiting our website.


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