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Dr Jiro Abe SEMCD Dentures

Precision dentures and advanced lower Dentures

Dr Jiro Abe SEMCD Dentures

Dr Jiro Abe graduated from Tokyo Dental College in 1981. He developed the suction mechanism of mandibular complete dentures in 1999 and published ”Successful Mandibular Complete Denture Suction for Everyone”. He was the director of the Academy of Clinical Dentistry from 1999 to 2005 and its consultant from 2005 to 2009. He founded the Japan Denture Association and has been its chairman since 2006. He is the lecturer of the Japan Dental Association as well as a professor at the Tohoku University Graduate School of Dentistry since 2008 and at Kanagawa Dental College since 2012.

Dr Abe has also held many distinguished positions over the years and published the book “Mandibular Suction-Effective Denture and BPS – A Complete Guide: 4 Steps from Start to Finish”.

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