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Self Referred Clients

If you are looking for denture care in Townsville or Ingham, then we are glad you have visited our website.  Please make full use of the information provide within these pages, and start to get an idea if our services match the level of care you are looking for.  You do not need a dentist or specialist referral to see us, simply  click here Contact Us to send us an email or make a telephone call to arrange an appointment.

Dentist Referred Clients

The largest number of our denture clients come via referrals from dentists.  We take it as a complement that these dentists entrust the denture care of their patients to our practice.  While all dentists are trained in the art and science of denture construction, many prefer to specialize and focus is other areas of dentistry.  This is where our special focus on denture care becomes an asset to both the patient and the dentist, and ensures positive outcomes for the denture wearer.

Dentist Referred Laboratory Cases

Our practice originally started its journey as a dental laboratory in Townsville in 2009.  We supplied the technical services that our dentists required for their clients in order to create beautiful and functional dentures.  We are proud to say that we still supply laboratory services to many of the same practices that we started with 12 years ago, and count that as definite endorsement of their trust in our services. The laboratory side of our practice continues to thrive and will remain a cornerstone of our practice for many years to come.

Dr Jiro Abe graduated from Tokyo Dental College in 1981. He developed the suction mechanism of mandibular complete dentures in 1999 and published ”Successful Mandibular Complete Denture Suction for Everyone”.
SEMCD Certified Labarotory
Advanced lower SEMCD dentures
BPS Clinical Denture Course
Suction Effective Mandibular Complete Denture, or in very simple terms it is a Suction Lower Denture.

What is a SEMCD Denture?

SEMCD is an acronym for Suction Effective Mandibular Complete Denture, or in very simple terms it is a Suction Lower Denture.

How is this different to regular dentures?

In the past, a persons’ lower denture was made by a clinician pulling on the cheeks and lips to determine the base shape of the denture. With SEMCD, our clinicians guide the patient through a series of mouth movements and sounds to determine the base shape of the denture. This ensures that the denture is stable during function(i.e. smiling, talking, chewing, blowing out birthday candles and kissing loved ones). Thus, no two dentures are alike, as no two mouths are alike. It is a completely custom fitted appliance, that gives a fit with unsurpassed retention and stability.

Are Suction Dentures Better?

The simple answer is YES! The SEMCD process developed by Professor Jiro Abe, combined with the superior materials and construction processes of Ivoclar Vivadents BPS dentures, ensures maximum accuracy of fit and leaves minimal margin for error.

Can anyone have suction dentures?

If you, or someone you know has struggled with either a loose, or painful upper or lower denture, that is constantly getting food trapped underneath, we offer consultations to help determine if a SEMCD or Suction Denture can be a solution.
Advanced Technology
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We stand behind our products. By using the highest quality materials and the latest technology, we are proud of every custom prosthesis we create. Every denture, partial denture & mouth guard is handcrafted specifically for you.